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The World Bank Has Reminded Indonesia Of The Bad Impact Of The Omnibus Law

JAKARTA - The World Bank has not only described the positive impact of the Omnibus Law in Indonesia. This report entitled in 'Long Road to Economic Recovery' which was released last July. In this report, this world institution apparently gave a view regarding the negative impact of the Omnibus Law on Cipta Kerja. "This bill also proposes reforms that could have devastating consequences. Especially in the current economic environment," wrote the World Bank in its report. For example, the proposals in this bill concerning relaxation of requirements for environmental protection. And this law would destroy a wealth of natural resources. Which are essential for the livelihoods of many people and could have a negative impact on investment. "However, the cause of the delay and uncertainty i...

Global Economic Growth Predicted To Minus 5 Percent, Worst In 80 Years

Chief Economist of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, Adrian Panggabean, predicted that the global economy will contract by minus 5 percent in 2020. Adrian even said that this contraction was the worst in the last 80 years. In 2021, the global economy will recover (rebound) partially in the range of 3 percent-4 percent. "The projection range of global economic growth is in the range of -5 percent to -4 percent in 2020, the worst in 80 years," said Adrian in his report, Wednesday (14/10/2020). Adrian said that the global economic recovery in 2021 is still marked by high uncertainty. Next year, it seems that there are still sharp business fluctuations. Recovery can be patchy across countries. Especially at this time, the Covid-19 virus still infects more than 140 countries in the world. Hopes for a s...

The Road to Global Economic Recovery After the Covid-19 Pandemic Ends

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global economy this year is not as bad as initially thought. International institutions are busy revising the global economic projections better, although they are still contracting. However, economic recovery to pre-pandemic levels has yet to go through a long climb and is prone to falls. In the October edition of the World Economic Outlook report released by the IMF on Tuesday (14/10). The projection for the global economy this year is negative 4.4%, better than June's prediction of minus 5.2%. However, it is estimated that the world economy will grow at a slower pace than the previous prediction, which grew by 5.4% to 5.2%. IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath explained that this year's economic projection is better than the initial prediction ...
Economy and Finance

Beware, The Fed Predicts Tragedy in the US Economy.

Dark clouds are likely to remain clung to the economy of the United States (US). In fact, recovery is still far away and the economy could shift toward danger. This awful figure was repeated by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. At the yearly gathering of the National Association for Economics and Business, he said the expansion in crown contaminations was again the fundamental factor. "(The second flood of crown) fundamentally restricts financial movement, also the unfortunate impact on life and prosperity," said Powell, cited from CNN International Wednesday (7/10/2020). "Dealing with this danger as extension proceeds will require master clinical direction, including wearing covers and social separating measures." Powell also asked for more fiscal stimulus. This is important, he s...
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IMF Was Worried Because the World Economy Is Still Horrible

IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath voiced pessimism about the current global economic conditions. His side admitted that he was looking for signs of recovery of the global economy, but it was difficult to find them. "Over the course of the year, it has become increasingly difficult to find these bright spots. There is potential for recovery, and we are still looking for it all over the world, but I have to admit it has become increasingly difficult to find them," Gopinath said as quoted by CNBC. The existence of trade tension that occurs is said to be one of the risks threatening the economy. Global growth has been restrained and is considered fragile . "The developments we have seen lately give us great concern about what will happen to future growth. To note, the trade war between th...
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Not the First Time the World Economy is Destroy by the Pandemic

Pandemics that occur in the world have indeed influenced the global economic system and suppressed the economies of all countries. This is because the pandemic forces humans to limit their interactions with others in order to suppress the spread of the virus. Long before the current COVID-19 pandemic, the world economy had also been battered by the Spanish Flu pandemic around 1918. Citing a report compiled by Ally Mintzer on, the result of the Spanish Flu at that time also forced world countries to impose restrictions that influencing the consumption pattern of society and the business world so that the wheels of the economy move slowly or even temporarily stop. The incident in 1918 was the worst in the history of the United States (US) because it claimed hundre...