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Trump And Biden, Whic One Will Benefit Indonesia?

Jakarta: The certainty of the winner of the US presidential election. Whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump is returning to continue his leadership is being awaited by businessmen Indonesian. Both have plus and minus effects on the economy in the country. "We cannot say that the Trump administration or Biden. The president of the Democratic or Republican Party is better or worse for Indonesia and Indonesian business actors." Shinta told, Thursday, November 5, 2020. According to Shinta. The direction of state policy in The US will remain the same to solidify its position as a superpower. However, the two candidates have different styles in coming up with policies that often affect the global economy. So it is necessary to anticipate them in order to continue to provide benefits fo...
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Recommendations for Most Beautiful Stocks for the US Presidential Election Trump vs Biden

JAKARTA - The general election that is currently taking place in the United States has caught the attention of market players. This is because whoever is elected to be the next US President will definitely have an impact on the global capital market. Including the Indonesian capital market. In line with the vote counting process that is taking place in Uncle Sam's country, the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) collapsed in the red zone at the close of the market today, Wednesday (4/11/2020) WIB. In fact, at the beginning of trading until the end of the first session, the composite index walked smoothly in the green zone. Until the close of trading at 3:00 p.m. WIB, the JCI corrected by 1.05 percent or 54.25 points to 5,105.19. During the day, JCI was moving in the range of 5,105.19 - ...
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Beware, The Fed Predicts Tragedy in the US Economy.

Dark clouds are likely to remain clung to the economy of the United States (US). In fact, recovery is still far away and the economy could shift toward danger. This awful figure was repeated by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. At the yearly gathering of the National Association for Economics and Business, he said the expansion in crown contaminations was again the fundamental factor. "(The second flood of crown) fundamentally restricts financial movement, also the unfortunate impact on life and prosperity," said Powell, cited from CNN International Wednesday (7/10/2020). "Dealing with this danger as extension proceeds will require master clinical direction, including wearing covers and social separating measures." Powell also asked for more fiscal stimulus. This is important, he s...
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The Impact of Covid-19 On The United States Economy And Trump

At the end of 2019, the world was shocked by the emergence of an epidemic of disease originating from the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan, China. The COVID-19 pandemic is a very serious threat to the health of world citizens and not only that, the existence of this pandemic has made a country experience a crisis due to the inability of community activities in that country so that the country's economy is hampered and even died. Covid-19 Pandemic Hit Trump Administration With a very high level of spread, the COVID-19 virus is rapidly spreading in various parts of the world, counting that to date more than thirty five million people have contracted COVID-19 in the world (WHO, 2020). The United States (US) is one of the countries that has not escaped the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Even t...

Trump Admits Intentionally Underestimating the Corona Virus

US President Donald Trump admitted, he deliberately underestimated how serious the threat posed by the corona virus was. The news comes from a preview of Rage's book, which was written by veteran journalist Bob Woodward in an interview on March 19. Based on the book, Trump actually understands that the corona virus is a dangerous disease. It's even more terrible than the flu. "it's a terrible threat. It's even worse than the flu you've been having," he said on February 7. However, in an interview with Woodward, referring to a book that will be published on September 15, he admitted that he deliberately played down his threat. "Until now I have tried to belittle him. Because I don't want to cause panic," said the 74-year-old president. He also revealed how the virus "gets in the air", al...