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Donald Trump v the United States survey: how majority rule government went under attack

Presently disfavored, Jerry Falwell Jr once declared that Donald Trump was qualified for an additional two years at work as "reparations" for a "bombed overthrow", which means the Mueller examination. Joe Biden has ventured to such an extreme as to anticipate the president will attempt to take the political decision.  Trump and his patrons straightforwardly discuss four terms in office. "In the event that you truly need to make them insane, state 12 additional years," the president clucks, in spite of express established injuries actually.  Indeed, even as questions encompassing its authenticity develop, the political decision expect ever more noteworthy hugeness. Michael Schmidt's first book is suitably captioned: "Inside the Struggle to Stop a President."  The Pulitzer-winni...

Super Rich People Willing to Change Nationality to Avoid Corona

Tourists sunbathe enjoying the hot sun during the Covid-19 pandemic at the Splendid Hotel Beach, Budva, Montenegro, yesterday WASHINGTON - The corona pandemic has limited travel activities. However, this is not the case with the super rich. They actually increase the activity of traveling across countries with the power of their money. This cannot be separated from the investment migration policy which is popular among people with deep pockets. The investment migration policy makes passport applications no longer based on citizenship, but wealth and the desire to always travel the world. With the name citizen by investment program (CIP), these rich people can change nationalities by pocketing a gold visa. In the last five to ten years, those who have joined the CIP program generally...