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Indonesia Invites Global Investors to Work on Electric Vehicles

JAKARTA - Head of the Investment Coordinating Board Indonesia (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia said the government continues to encourage the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem, one of which is by inviting global investors from Tesla to Volkswagen (VW). Bahlil revealed that Indonesia has pocketed the investment plans of two global companies in the integrated battery industry, namely Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd (CATL) from China with an investment value of 5.2 billion US dollars and LG Chem from South Korea with an investment value of 9.8 billion US dollars. "BASF is in the communication process, Tesla is in the communication process. Then VW is also in the communication process," he said, Wednesday (3/3). Indonesia Targets Several Large Companies Tesla is an electric veh...
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Electric Car, Erick Will Explore Collaboration with Tesla

JAKARTA - BUMN Minister Erick Thohir will explore cooperation with Tesla electric car in February regarding the development of the industry electric car in Indonesia. "InsyaAllah, in February, I will open talks with Tesla to develop this cooperation," said Erick Thohir in a written statement received in Jakarta, Saturday (2/1). The BUMN Minister has also ordered PLN to improve services to the public and change its business strategy post-pandemic. "Thank God, PLN had on-track and has joined the consortium of SOEs to manufacture EV battery cooperate. With companies from Korea and China," he said. In addition to anticipating electric cars, Erick also wants PLN actively developing electric stove. This is in order solutions reduce imports of fuel. There are a number of reasons why Indonesi...
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VW CEO Denies Speculation of Cooperation with Tesla

JAKARTA - Volkswagen (VW) Chief Executive Herbert Diess on Monday (7/9) local time denied speculation that it has plans to develop a deeper relationship with Tesla. This speculation arose after Diess met with Tesla Chief Executive, Elon Musk in Braunschweig, Germany, last week, and during his visit, VW allowed Musk to drive the latest VW ID electric car. "Just to be clear, we were just driving ID.3 and chatting - there was no agreement or cooperation on the manufacture of (the car)," Diess said in a statement on Linkedin. It also includes videos of two CEOs driving a vehicle at the airport. "Thank you for visiting, Elon! Hope you like the video. It was great to ride the ID.3 with you! You are quite critical with the torque available at higher speeds," said Diess. "I told you, 'Yeah, w...
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Elon Musk: Difficult and risky, humans might die on Mars

  Billionaire Elon Musk has long had the ambition to live on Mars, as evidenced by the SpaceX industry he founded. However, recently he said there is a possibility that humans cannot survive on the Red Planet. Quoted from CNBC International in Jakarta, Friday (4 / 9/2020) regarding this because the CEO of SpaceX admits that it is difficult to build a base on Mars, especially building a city on it. "Going to Mars, for me, is not a fundamental problem. The fundamental problem is building a base, building a city on it," said Elon Musk during the virtual Humans to Mars conference. Musk said building an independent city would be difficult and that there are some dangers that settlers could experience when advancing galactic civilization. "I want to emphasize, this is a very diffic...