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China Would Operate Ports in Sudan Soon

Khartum - China 21st century maritime Silk Road will soon have a new, unexpected mission: to send camels from Africa. When the Haidob port on Sudan's Red Sea coast is completed by the end of next month. It is believed to be the country's impoverished hub to export sheep, goats and iconic mammals in the desert to eastern markets. Quoted by Bloomberg,on Wednesday (11/11), operator Sudan port said this latest part of the Belt and Road Initiative, urged China to revive and expand the ancient route to Europe and Africa using cutting-edge infrastructure. Constructed by China Harbor Engineering. This 120 million euro or roughly $ 141 million project is another example of Beijing forging links with some of the world's. More obscure but potentially lucrative locations. Further down Africa's ea...

The floods in Sudan are getting worse, as many as 4,000 houses have been destroyed

A woman in a flooded area in Khartoum, Sudan KHARTOUM - As many as 20 people were killed and 13 others injured as a result of heavy rains and floods in various cities in Sudan. Heavy rain usually hits Sudan between June and October every year. This week, the country is experiencing heavy rain. "As many as 21 people were killed and 13 others injured when 3,945 houses were destroyed or badly damaged," said a statement from the Sudan Civil Defense Agency. The Sudanese news agency (SUNA) also reported that civil defense had sent aid by helicopter to 2,000 workers at a gold mine in the east of the country. The relief team also sent food and medical assistance, including antibiotics and medicine to the flood victims. Last week, the United Nations (UN) warned more than 50,000 p...