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Economy and Finance

Withdraw foreign investment through LPI to get tax relief

JAKARTA - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani plans to set an income tax rate (PPh) of Article 26 on dividends received. By foreign partners from the Investment Management Institution (LPI) at 7.5 percent. The amount, which is smaller than the usual rate, is intend to attract foreign investors to invest in Indonesian projects. The plan will be regulation in the Draft Government Regulation (RPP) onTax Treatment LPI. Which is part of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation. "The goal is to provide incentives so that these investors are interest in becoming partners with the LPI," said Sri in a virtual working meeting with Commission XI of the DPR on Monday (1/2). Policy Only for Foreign Tax Subjects This Tax policy applies to investments in Foreign Tax Subjects (SPLN) during the owner...
Economy and Finance

Sri Mulyani Asks for Fixed Road Infrastructure Development

JAKARTA - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has asked the government to continue to carry out various infrastructure development programs amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The development starts from education to health. "In the atmosphere of Covid-19, we have not forgotten development activities. We remain hopeful even in an atmosphere Covid-19 running the development program. "he said in Financing Policy Forum Infrastructure Project Through SBSN the Year 2021 in Jakarta, Wednesday (20/1). Sri Mulyani said that infrastructure development in the health sector has become very vital in the midst of a pandemic. Considering that it functions in dealing with this health crisis. "In the health sector, it is clear that many are not only handling in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. But also...
Economy and Finance

Sri Mulyani: The Covid Pandemic Poses a Corruption Threat

JAKARTA - Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani said that the Covid-19 pandemic not only poses a threat to people's health and soul, but also about integrity. The haste of policy-making in the midst of an emergency creates the potential for corruption. In designing pandemic management policies, Sri said the government was not in an ideal situation. The reason is, Covid-19 came without a plan and immediately spread, affecting many lines. As a result, situations have emerged that have the potential to create moral hazard, including misappropriation of funds or corruption. "There is a threat of people committing acts of corruption or even using system weaknesses or imperfections for personal gain," said Sri in the 2020 World Anti-Corruption Day Webinar, Thursday (10/12). Sri said, this pandemi...
Economy and Finance

Sri Mulyani Emphasizes Paying Taxes to Safeguard the State

JAKARTA - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati emphasized that all taxes that must be paid by the public are an effort to keep the country able to withstand various pressures including the Covid-19 pandemic. The taxes collected are used to realize various aspects the community can enjoy that, from infrastructure to quality education. "Why do we pay taxes? That is to protect Indonesia, to return to society. Why do we buy drinks with taxes or do parents pay taxes? "It's not because the state makes it difficult for parents. But the money that we raised so that Indonesia can run again". She said at the Ministry of Finance's online event in Jakarta, Monday (30/11). She said that they aimed at the development of infrastructure that was being intensified by the government. At making all act...
Economy and Finance

Minister of Finance: Many Government Programs Support The Digital Economy

JAKARTA - Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani said that various government programs have helped support the development of the digital economy. Starting from the provision of social assistance. Which is now carried out by transferring to the bank account of each family to stimulus in the form of tax incentives. Sri gave an example, the social protection program included in the National Economic Recovery (PEN). As many as 10 million beneficiary groups of the Family Hope Program (PKH) benefit through their bank accounts, which means digital transactions occur. On the other hand, the government provides tax incentives in the form of 0.5 percent for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which are temporarily borne by the government (DTP). They obtain this incentive after they book their ...
Economy and Finance

Entrepreneurs Open Their Voices After Sri Mulyani Rejects 0% New Car Tax

Jakarta - National automotive sector entrepreneurs must accept the fact that Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati rejects the exemption of new car tax. The plan is for the proposal to take effect in September-December 2020. The Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) ensures that it does not question Sri Mulyani's decision to reject the proposal for tax exemption, aka 0% for new cars. Chairman I Gaikindo, Jongkie Sugiarto assessed that the rejection of the proposal would have an impact on the performance of motor vehicle sales (KBM). "If the proposal is rejected due to government considerations, that's okay. "Only the increase in the sales figures for the KBM will also move a bit slowly." Said Jongkie when contacted by Media. Jakarta, Tuesday (20/10/2020). He expl...