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Economy and Finance

Not the First Time the World Economy is Destroy by the Pandemic

Pandemics that occur in the world have indeed influenced the global economic system and suppressed the economies of all countries. This is because the pandemic forces humans to limit their interactions with others in order to suppress the spread of the virus. Long before the current COVID-19 pandemic, the world economy had also been battered by the Spanish Flu pandemic around 1918. Citing a report compiled by Ally Mintzer on, the result of the Spanish Flu at that time also forced world countries to impose restrictions that influencing the consumption pattern of society and the business world so that the wheels of the economy move slowly or even temporarily stop. The incident in 1918 was the worst in the history of the United States (US) because it claimed hundre...

Trump Admits Intentionally Underestimating the Corona Virus

US President Donald Trump admitted, he deliberately underestimated how serious the threat posed by the corona virus was. The news comes from a preview of Rage's book, which was written by veteran journalist Bob Woodward in an interview on March 19. Based on the book, Trump actually understands that the corona virus is a dangerous disease. It's even more terrible than the flu. "it's a terrible threat. It's even worse than the flu you've been having," he said on February 7. However, in an interview with Woodward, referring to a book that will be published on September 15, he admitted that he deliberately played down his threat. "Until now I have tried to belittle him. Because I don't want to cause panic," said the 74-year-old president. He also revealed how the virus "gets in the air", al...