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Elon Musk: Difficult and risky, humans might die on Mars

  Billionaire Elon Musk has long had the ambition to live on Mars, as evidenced by the SpaceX industry he founded. However, recently he said there is a possibility that humans cannot survive on the Red Planet. Quoted from CNBC International in Jakarta, Friday (4 / 9/2020) regarding this because the CEO of SpaceX admits that it is difficult to build a base on Mars, especially building a city on it. "Going to Mars, for me, is not a fundamental problem. The fundamental problem is building a base, building a city on it," said Elon Musk during the virtual Humans to Mars conference. Musk said building an independent city would be difficult and that there are some dangers that settlers could experience when advancing galactic civilization. "I want to emphasize, this is a very diffic...