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Economy and Finance

The Covid-19 Pandemic, Paper Exports to Japan Are Wide Open

JAKARTA - The potential for exports of Indonesian forestry industry products from the upstream-downstream sector to Japan is still wide open. However, it still has to comply with strict environmental preservation regulations in Japan. The Indonesian Ambassador to Tokyo, Heri Akhmadi, said that Indonesia was one of the top three exporters of paper products to Japan. With a 13 percent share and competing with China, the United States, Finland and South Korea. In connection with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the pulp and paper industry. Heri emphasized that in the cooperation of the upstream-downstream forestry industry. Indonesia-Japan, it is necessary to improve coordination, communication and attention to local communities. SDGs Becomes a Tool for Indonesia-Japan Cooper...
Economy and Finance

Indonesia – Japan Cooperation to Meet Bioenergy Needs

JAKARTA - The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs is in synergy with the Indonesia - Japan Business Network (IJB-Net) to encourage the development of renewable energy (EBT). This collaboration was inaugurated at the Kick Off Meeting on the Work Plan to Meet the Needs of the Bioenergy Market Japanese Jakarta, Tuesday (10/11). They carry cooperation out in coordinating the preparation of work plans to meet the needs of the bioenergy market in Indonesia, Japan and the world. The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto. He explained that the synergy between the two parties aims for Indonesia as a bioenergy producer. Those who are able to supply the needs of Indonesia, Japan and the world. He said in an official statement on Tuesday (10/11). Airlangga explained...
Economy and Finance

No lockdown, Japanese Economy Continues Recession

Japan's economy deepened. The economy contracted again in the second quarter of 2020 by -7.8% on a quarterly basis. Meanwhile, the second-quarter economy was -27.8% year-on-year or yoy. This happened because of the pandemic of the Corona virus that has disrupted the economy. The handling of Corona in Japan was praised by the Indonesian government for failing to achieve a total lockdown in dealing with the pandemic. However, economic activity continued to decline significantly as workers and consumers chose to stay at home. We got a big hit in April and May, but the economy we even reached had bottomed out in May, and in June a pretty big revival, "said Izumi Devalier, the main Japanese economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Times Although the abyss of dein goes recession towards ...