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Economy and Finance

Development of Covid-19 Vaccine Encourages Strengthening of IHSG

JAKARTA - The domestic stock market opened higher on trading Tuesday (17/11). The Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) rose 0.50 percent to 5,522.58. Meanwhile, the LQ45 index rose 0.63 percent.  Head of research for Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia, Suria Dharma, said the sentiment of the vaccine Covid-19 still drove the strengthening of the IHSG. "The development of the Covid-19 vaccine encourages market optimism," said Suria, Tuesday (17/11). In addition, he continued. The strengthening of the IHSG was also driven by the strengthening of the United States (US) stock market. The US stock market closed overnight in the green zone with the Dow Jones rising 1.6 percent, the S&P 500 up 1.17 percent, and the Nasdaq gaining 0.8 percent.  Moderna reported positive results for the Covid-19 Vaccine ...
Economy and Finance

BUMN Emiten Stock Encourage Improvement of Domestic Stock Exchange

JAKARTA - The Indonesian stock exchange has begun to show improvement after experiencing considerable pressure due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) fell to 3,900 last March before slowly rising to 5,400 on Tuesday. Analyst of Sekuritas Indonesia, Anugerah Zamzami. Said that the improving trend of the IHSG has been boosted by the performance of shares of state-owned enterprises (BUMN), especially in the last few months. "The majority of state-owned companies' financial performance is still decreasing on an annual basis. However, on a quarterly basis many state-owned companies have shown improvement in the third quarter compared to the second quarter," said Anugerah, Wednesday. Reflecting on the movement of BUMN shares in the BUMN 20 Index, Anug...