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Dear WhatsApp, Your New Policy Makes Users Wary

Updates to privacy policy have WhatsApp made a number of users worry about data security. In fact, there are those who prefer to replace the messaging application if the policy is actually running. Based on the report Techradar, policy privacy WhatsApp's new asks users to agree to sharing user data with Facebook. From telephone numbers, transaction data, service information, mobile device information, IP addresses. To other data in the 'information we collect' section. Responding to this, one of the WhatsApp users in Wonogiri admit that he was not willing for WhatsApp to share personal data with Facebook. "If I feel (the new policy) is problematic because our private data can be read by Facebook, where data security cannot be guaranteed," he told Warta Ekonomi, Tuesday (12/1/2021). ...

Menkominfo: Choose Social Media that Guarantee Data Protection

JAKARTA - The Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G Plate, asked the public to be more vigilant and wiser in determining social media choices. According to Johnny, currently, there are various social media platforms available. However, not all platforms guarantee personal data protection. "Choose those who are able to provide optimal protection of personal data and privacy," said Johnny in a written statement, Monday (11/1). Johnny emphasizes the guarantee of personal data protection from important platforms so that people can avoid adverse impacts. Either in the form of misuse or use of personal data that is not in accordance with the rules. Therefore, he hopes that the public always reads the privacy policy and terms and conditions document before using a service and g...

Australia Explores Involving Mediators Regarding Payment of News Content on Facebook

Australian authorities are capable of engaging mediators to determine payments by social networking service company Facebook or other internet companies such as Google. This is related to the traffic that arises from the news content that users upload there. This plan will occur if Facebook cannot reach an agreement with the local media company on the payment of traffic from this content. However, Facebook management objected to being subject to an unlimited royalty payment scheme. On this matter Facebook management representatives have not commented. At the same time, Google's local management said that it has reached an agreement with many Australian media on content. The chairman of the competition regulator, Rod Sims of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)...