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Global Economic Growth Predicted To Minus 5 Percent, Worst In 80 Years

Chief Economist of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk, Adrian Panggabean, predicted that the global economy will contract by minus 5 percent in 2020. Adrian even said that this contraction was the worst in the last 80 years. In 2021, the global economy will recover (rebound) partially in the range of 3 percent-4 percent. "The projection range of global economic growth is in the range of -5 percent to -4 percent in 2020, the worst in 80 years," said Adrian in his report, Wednesday (14/10/2020). Adrian said that the global economic recovery in 2021 is still marked by high uncertainty. Next year, it seems that there are still sharp business fluctuations. Recovery can be patchy across countries. Especially at this time, the Covid-19 virus still infects more than 140 countries in the world. Hopes for a s...

List Of Countries Experiencing Economic Recession During The Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic that continues in the world, not only causes a health crisis. To make matters worse, the economies of a number of countries have also been destroyed and are in danger of experiencing a recession. In this time, Britain officially experienced an economic recession during Most recently the Covid-19 pandemic. The news was announced Wednesday (12/8/2020). A recession, according to financial writer David Rodeck, quoted from Forbes (June 15, 2020), is a significant decline in economic activity that lasts for months or even years. A country is said to be in a recession when the economy experiences negative gross domestic product (GDP) for a long period of time. Pandemic Covid-19 Makes Several Countries Into Recession These conditions will increase the number of unem...
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Global Survey: Job Loss Concern Threatens Economic Recovery

YouGov's most recent overview of 26 nations, including 27,681 respondents, shows shoppers around the globe are worried about positions and family unit financial plans. They likewise will in general be cautious in going through or putting away cash. The pandemic of Covid making the world monetarily shaky, representing a danger to the worldwide downturn hit economy if individuals want to spare instead of spend. Detailed by Bloomberg, Monday (7/13/2020), YouGov's most recent review in 26 nations including 27,681 respondents, shows that shoppers around the globe are worried about work and family spending plans. They additionally will in general be cautious in going through or putting away cash. This recommends indications of recuperation referred to by some policymakers as purposes behind p...

Survey: 75% Of People Choose Health Instead Of Economy During The Pandemic

The re-tightening of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) by DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan reaps pros and cons. Some people think this policy will weaken the starting economy. Others think that the PSBB needs to act as a brake so that the number of Covid-19 transmissions can be contained. Then, what about the public opinion itself? In the “National COVID-19 Survey” conducted by the KedaiKOPI Survey Institute (Indonesian Public Opinion and Discussion Group), it was revealed that the public is more concerned with health issues. This survey was conducted face-to-face with a home visit mechanism on 18 August-6 September 2020, by interviewing 1200 respondents spread across 34 Provinces in Indonesia. Interviews were conducted according to health protocol: wearing masks, maintaining a di...