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Omnibus Law Becomes A Scenario To Save Indonesia’s Economy From A Crisis

Special Staff of the Minister of Finance Yustinus Prastowo assessed that the Draft on Omnibus Law Job Creation is the policy most likely to be taken by the government to overcome the economic crisis in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). According to him, the regulatory plan is not the best choice. However, the Job Creation Bill is the most rational option to respond to current conditions. "Omnibus Law In our opinion, is the most likely strategy at this time, not the ideal one. Maybe it is not the best policy, maybe not the second best, but it is the most likely to be taken right now to answer objective needs," he said in a teleconference session, Tuesday (14/7/2020). "That there are definite shortcomings. But whether this is all bad or not. So I believe there are good thin...