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Economy and Finance

If Europe Lockdown Again, Indonesia Hopes It Won’t Interfere With Their Exports

Jakarta - A number of European countries are planning to carry out regional closures or lockdowns to prevent the second wave of transmission of the coronavirus (Covid-19). Director General of Foreign Trade, Didi Sumedi, hopes that the closure of Europe will not disrupt exports. Didi said lockdowns usually focus on limiting the movement of people, the majority of whom use air transportation. "Hopefully it won't affect our exports, because most of them are exported to Europe via sea cargo," said Didi when contacted by, Thursday (24/9). Even so, business actors still express concerns. Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) for International Relations Shinta Widjaja Kamdani said "that the lockdown would create negative risks for Indonesian...

List Of Countries Experiencing Economic Recession During The Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic that continues in the world, not only causes a health crisis. To make matters worse, the economies of a number of countries have also been destroyed and are in danger of experiencing a recession. In this time, Britain officially experienced an economic recession during Most recently the Covid-19 pandemic. The news was announced Wednesday (12/8/2020). A recession, according to financial writer David Rodeck, quoted from Forbes (June 15, 2020), is a significant decline in economic activity that lasts for months or even years. A country is said to be in a recession when the economy experiences negative gross domestic product (GDP) for a long period of time. Pandemic Covid-19 Makes Several Countries Into Recession These conditions will increase the number of unem...
Economy and Finance

Philippines Announces Economic Recession Due to CoronaVirus Pandemic

Philippines is officially experiencing a recession due to the coronavirus pandemic. The statistical authority recorded an economic shrinkage of 16.5 percent in the second quarter of this year. The updates on the financial downturn was reported by the Philippine Statistics Authority on Thursday (6/8), considering the current condition the greatest decrease in (GDP) information since 1981.  The nation recorded a GDP shrinkage of 16.5 percent all through April to June quarter. Then, in the past quarter, GDP shrunk by 0.7 percent. Why Philippines Can Get Into A Recession The monetary constriction happened because of the tight lockdown framework set up to smother the spread of the Covid in the nation. Counting, the conclusion of various business exercises and the lockdown renewed intro...
Economy and Finance

U.S. shopper spending appears to slow in August

U.S. shopper spending seemed to slow in August as expanded joblessness benefits were cut for many Americans, offering more proof that the financial recuperation from the Coronavirus downturn was vacillating. Center retail deals, which relate most intimately with the purchaser burning through part of total national output, fell 0.1% a month ago after a downwardly reexamined 0.9% expansion in July, the Trade Division said on Wednesday. This class, which avoids autos, fuel, building materials and food administrations, was recently answered to have progressed 1.4% in July. Business analysts surveyed by Reuters had conjecture center retail deals rising 0.5% in August. In general retail deals expanded 0.6% in August, partially as higher fuel costs upheld receipts at administration stations....