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Indonesia Expects Balanced Trade with China

JAKARTA - Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi conveyed the importance of seeking an increased and more balanced trade with China, during a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. "In this regard, I welcome the increase in Indonesia's exports to China last year by more than 10 percent. At a time when the global economy is facing severe shocks due to the pandemic," said Retno during a joint press statement with Wang Yi in Jakarta, Wednesday (13 / 1). In addition, Foreign Minister Retno also underlined the need to overcome trade barriers. Especially those concerning market access for exports of Indonesia's superior products to China. Such as fishery products, tropical fruit, bird's nest, and oil palm. The trade balance deficit between Indonesia and China during the January-N...
Economy and Finance

Indonesian Export Performance Is Considered To Remain Solid In The Pandemic Era 

JAKARTA - Indonesia's trade performance recorded a surplus of 3.61 billion US dollars in October 2020. Thus, this is the sixth time trade balance Indonesia Has experienced a surplus in a row this year.  Researcher at the Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM), Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI), Mohammad Dian Revindo, assessed that a trade surplus occurred because export performance remained solid amid the Covid-19 pandemic. "Indeed, exports are solid during this pandemic. Export performance is almost the same as last year's export, which is not a pandemic situation, meaning exports are very solid," Revindo said, Thursday (19/11). Based on the records of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the export value in October 2020 reached 14.39 billi...

China Would Operate Ports in Sudan Soon

Khartum - China 21st century maritime Silk Road will soon have a new, unexpected mission: to send camels from Africa. When the Haidob port on Sudan's Red Sea coast is completed by the end of next month. It is believed to be the country's impoverished hub to export sheep, goats and iconic mammals in the desert to eastern markets. Quoted by Bloomberg,on Wednesday (11/11), operator Sudan port said this latest part of the Belt and Road Initiative, urged China to revive and expand the ancient route to Europe and Africa using cutting-edge infrastructure. Constructed by China Harbor Engineering. This 120 million euro or roughly $ 141 million project is another example of Beijing forging links with some of the world's. More obscure but potentially lucrative locations. Further down Africa's ea...
Economy and Finance

China Economy Begins To Envy The US And European Countries

Jakarta - China economy grew 4.9% in the third quarter of 2020. It showed the rest of the world that the economy could skyrocket if the COVID-19 outbreak could be controlled. Meanwhile, currently, many countries are still fighting a pandemic. In fact, not a few of the world's countries are in danger of facing the second wave. Of course, what China inscribed made the envy of many countries in the world. China's financial development rate is in reality a little more slow than business analysts estimate. There are numerous indications of solidarity, be that as it may, with the development and administration areas performing well indeed. "The Chinese economy proceeded with its fast bounce back in the last quarter, with the recuperation expanding and beginning to diminish dependence on upg...
Economy and Finance

U.S. import costs beat desires in August as swelling heats up

U.S. import costs expanded more than anticipated in August and increases in the earlier month were updated strongly higher, supporting the view that expansion pressures were developing. The report from the Work Division on Tuesday followed information a week ago indicating further increments in both customer and maker costs in August. Firming expansion, be that as it may, is probably not going to demoralize the Central bank from infusing more cash into the economy to help the recuperation from the Coronavirus downturn in the midst of extensive work market slack. The U.S. national bank in August reworked its structure, putting new accentuation on the work market and less on stresses over too-high swelling. Import costs rose 0.9% a month ago as the expenses of merchandise expanded compr...
Economy and Finance

IMF Was Worried Because the World Economy Is Still Horrible

IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath voiced pessimism about the current global economic conditions. His side admitted that he was looking for signs of recovery of the global economy, but it was difficult to find them. "Over the course of the year, it has become increasingly difficult to find these bright spots. There is potential for recovery, and we are still looking for it all over the world, but I have to admit it has become increasingly difficult to find them," Gopinath said as quoted by CNBC. The existence of trade tension that occurs is said to be one of the risks threatening the economy. Global growth has been restrained and is considered fragile . "The developments we have seen lately give us great concern about what will happen to future growth. To note, the trade war between th...