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BPH Migas Appoints Bakrie Brothers to Build Cisem Pipes

JAKARTA - BPH Migas admits that it has finished conducting a study on the Cirebon Semarang (Cisem) project which was delayed yesterday. From the results of the study, BPH Migas decided to hand over the project to PT Bakrie and Brothers as the second winner of the project. The Head of BPH Migas, Fanshurullah Asa. Explained that the committee BPH Migas agreed on the option of giving opportunities. To the second or third auction winner in accordance with the current BPH Migas Regulation. Furthermore, BPH Migas can carry out a re-auction option or an assignment option in accordance with Article 46 paragraph (3) of Law No. 22 of 2001 concerning Oil and Gas and its implementing laws and regulations. In the event that an assignment is carry out by the Minister of EMR, it is necessary to consid...