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Indonesia Digital Economy Is Predicted to Reach US $ 44 Billion

JAKARTA – The e-Conomy SEA report incorporated by Google, Temasek, and Bain and Company uncover the versatility of advanced economy Indonesia. In its fifth yearly report, named ‘At full speed: Resilient and Racing Ahead’, the nation’s web economy overall is assessed to be worth US $ 44 billion (GMV) by 2020 and is assessed to […]

2026 Indonesia Is Free Of Fuel Imports?

The government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources ensures that in 2026 Indonesia will be free from dependence on imports of fuel oil (BBM).

Indonesia – Japan Cooperation to Meet Bioenergy Needs

The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs is in synergy with the Indonesia-Japan Business Network (IJB-Net) to encourage the development of renewable energy (EBT). This collaboration was inaugurated at the Kick Off Meeting on the Work Plan to Meet the Needs of the Bioenergy Market Japanesein Jakarta, Tuesday (10/11).

Trump And Biden, Whic One Will Benefit Indonesia?

Jakarta: The certainty of the winner of the US presidential election. Whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump is returning to continue his leadership is being awaited by businessmen Indonesian. Both have plus and minus effects on the economy in the country.

If Europe Lockdown Again, Indonesia Hopes It Won’t Interfere With Their Exports

Jakarta – A number of European countries are planning to carry out regional closures or lockdowns to prevent the second wave of transmission of the coronavirus (Covid-19). Director General of Foreign Trade, Didi Sumedi, hopes that the closure of Europe will not disrupt exports. Didi said lockdowns usually focus on limiting the movement of people, […]