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Indonesia Will Bring Two Types of Mutual Cooperation Vaccines

Sinovac Vaccine VaccinesJAKARTA – The parent holding company of Pharmaceutical SOEs (HBF), Bio Farma and HBF members, Kimia Farma. Will bring in two types of Covid-19 vaccines, for the purposes of vaccination of Mutual Cooperation Covid-19. This type of vaccine is intended for private workers and employees and is given free of charge from each company where they work.

Spokesman Bio Farma Bambang Heriyanto hopes that the Mutual Cooperation vaccination program will accelerate the vaccination program so that group immunity. Most importantly, this mutual aid vaccination will not interfere with the free vaccination.

Two Types Of Vaccines

“The two types of vaccines that will be import by Bio Farma and Kimia Farma. Include Moderna with the m-RNA platform. Which will be import by Bio Farma and Sinopharm with the inactivated platform which will be imported by Kimia Farma. Bambang said in a press release in Jakarta”, Monday (1/1) 3).

Currently, Bambang said, the BUMN Pharmacy Holding has begun to explore and hold talks on the supply of the vaccine

Covid-19 specifically for the mutual cooperation vaccination program, namely Sinopharm from Beijing. China with the in-activated platform, and Moderna from America with the mRNA platform. Bambang explained that the procurement of vaccines from Sinopharm will be carried out by a subsidiary of Pharmaceutical Holding, PT Kimia Farma Tbk. While Moderna will be product by the parent holding company of BUMN Pharmaceuticals, Bio Farma.

Bambang added that the mutual assistance vaccination regulation has been stipulating in the Minister of Health Regulation No.10 / 2021. With a different type of vaccine from the type of vaccine used for vaccination in government programs. Thus, the pharmaceutical BUMN holding will coordinate closely with various parties, especially the Ministry of Health, to prepare it so that it can run smoothly and well.

“Thus, the vaccine for mutual cooperation will not use the same vaccine used for government programs,” said Bambang.



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