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Wow! Bitcoin Breaks the Record for the Highest Price of Rp. 650 Million

BitcoinJAKARTA – The cost of Bitcoin took off to Rp. 650 for every million after Tesla Inc purchased Bitmoney worth 1.5 million US dollars or Rp. 21 trillion. In two days, the expansion in Bitmoney stretch around 20.9 percent, already Bitmoney was sold for IDR 540 million.

Tesla turned into the main auto organization to purchase Bitmoney. Not just purchasing as a resource, the electric vehicle organization will likewise acknowledge Bitcoin exchanges.

Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan said Tesla is adding to a line of corporate organizations that purchase Bitcoin worth a large number of dollars or trillions of Rupiah. Already, various organizations, for example, Microstrategy Inc, Square, Tudor Investment Corp, JP Morgan, Citibank, and Paypal gave Bitmoney installments.

“Tesla purchases Bitcoin worth Rp. 21 trillion. Obviously, this much interest promptly affects cost increments since one of the variables that increment the cost of Bitmoney is request,” he told columnists, Tuesday (9/2).

The Tesla buy likewise made Bitcoin back past its most exorbitant cost. Already, the most exorbitant cost of bitcoin (unequaled high/ATH) was IDR 580 million, which happened in January 2021.

Elon Musk is also pushing for Bitcoin buying

Already, the organization’s CEO Elon Musk additionally energized Bitmoney purchasing by making a Bitmoney hashtag on his Twitter profile. This activity expanded the cost of Bitmoney a week ago, beforehand the cost of Bitcoin was stale at around IDR 500 million.

Oscar said that since December 2020, Bitmoney has kept on establishing a precedent at the greatest expense increment. “At the point when the cost of Bitmoney is high, individuals’ trust to purchase Bitmoney builds,” he said.

According to him, it is possible that there will be more corporations or conglomerates that will buy Bitcoin in the near future. Because Bitmoney has proven to be a good inflation hedge and a safe haven asset.

“If massive buying or demand continues, it is likely that the price of Bitmoney will continue to increase, just like what JP


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