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Jakarta Cancel The Lockdown, The Business World Is Relieved

Jakarta PSBB
Jakarta PSBB

JAKARTA – The DKI Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) appreciates. The policy of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government not to carry out lockdowns weekends like Central Java. This step is consider to help the business world have the enthusiasm to survive amid restrictions. On economic and social activities due to the pandemic.

Deputy Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta Kadin Advisory Board Sarman Simanjorang. Explained that the Jakarta economy is driven by various service sector businesses whose activity is very high every weekend. The discourse on applying the lockdown at the weekend. That had circulated made business people worried about the potential decline in profits.

Sarman said that the tightened implementation of the PSBB has made turnover drop sharply. Especially if there is a ban on leaving the house on weekends. “With the decision of the Governor of DKI Jakarta not to apply lockdown. The Weeknd the businessmen are relieved and have the spirit to survive,” he said in an official statement received by, Sunday (7/2).

Wanting to Save the Economy of the Small People of Jakarta

Sarman. Who also serves as chairman of the Jakarta Indigenous Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (HIPPI) DPD. Assessed that the government has given a little defensive breath to entrepreneurs. Whether it’s in the shopping center, trade center, market traders and other SMEs that are driving the economy of Jakarta in the midst of a pandemic.

Sarman emphasized that now entrepreneurs are on the edge of going through a restriction policy for the past year. “At least there is still a little hope of reaping the turnover. At the weekend amidst the existing operating hours limitation. To sustain efforts to survive while waiting for the pandemic to pass,” he said.

Sarman assessed that the weekend was a source of additional profit for many entrepreneurs. Currently, not a few of them are innovating to sell food and drinks which have increased turnover from Friday to Sunday. Therefore, the discourse on lockdown the weekend will greatly impact their income.



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