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Bank Mandiri Reduces Bad Credit Ratio of Three Percent

Bank Mandiri
Bank Mandiri

JAKARTA – PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk seeks to reduce the number of non-performing loans (NPL). In the range of three percent to 3.5 percent. Later, the company will selectively choose sectors that experience faster recovery after the Covid-19 epidemic.

Director of Finance & Strategy of Bank Mandiri Sigit Prastowo said the company has prepared a Bank Business Plan (RBB) for the performance of 2021. “For the target bank only we will project credit growth single digit. The focus will be on quality by maintaining NPL of three percent to 3.5 percent. And “We will expand prudently to targeted customers and potential sectors. And the recovery will be fast due to Covid,” he told reporters Thursday (28/1).

In Terms Bank Mandiri Margin At the level of 4.6 to 4 percent

In terms of net interest margin (NIM), it will be maintained at the level of 4.6 to 4 percent. 8 percent this year. The company is targeting to reduce the cost of funds or the cost of funds to close to two percent. From the position at the end of last year of 2.53 percent.

“There are several strategies carried out by BI to reduce interest rates and this trend will be continued and expected in 2021 cost of funds will continue to fall lower than 2020, closer to two percent by the end of 2021, “he said.

From the funding side, Sigit said that the bank is targeting growth. The growth of third party funds (DPK) ranges from six percent to seven percent. The company also plans to keep low-cost funds in the range of 68 percent to 69 percent of the total funding.

“Operational efficiency efforts will continue. Operational expenditure is target for single digit and structural improvements so that efficiency can be maintained in the long term in 2021,” he said.



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