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Indonesia – Sweden Discusses 70 Years of Bilateral Relations

Indonesia Goverment
Indonesian Goverment

JAKARTA – Indonesia Ambassador to Sweden and Latvia Kamapradipta Isnomo met virtually with the Speaker of the Swedish Parliament Andreas Norlén on Tuesday (26/1). The two discussed 70 years of development and bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Sweden.

The Indonesian Ambassador and the Speaker of the Swedish Parliament discussed cooperation. Between parliaments and developments in handling the pandemic in each country. This was according to the statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Stockholm which was received in Jakarta, Wednesday.

In the virtual meeting, Kamapradipta conveyed that Indonesia and Sweden have long-established bilateral relations. The two countries have many similarities, including in upholding democratic values, human rights, and gender equality.

Indonesia and Sweden play an active role in UN peace

In addition, according to him, Indonesia and Sweden both play an active role in various UN peacekeeping missions. At the age of 70 years of bilateral relations, Indonesia – Sweden cooperation has increased in various sectors, namely trade and investment, transportation, education and research, technology, defense, and health.

Kamapradipta hopes that the bilateral relations between the Indonesian and Swedish Parliament can also be strengthened and improved. This is because communicative inter-parliamentary relations will greatly contribute to the advancement of relations between the two countries.

“In the past, bilateral relations tended to be in the executive branch. With the cooperation of the parliament, the relations between the two countries will be even stronger,” he said.

The Speaker of the Swedish Parliament Andreas Norlén welcomed. And agreed with the Indonesian Ambassador that the bilateral cooperation. Between Indonesia and Sweden need to be improved. Cooperation between the two parliaments needs to be strengt considering that the parliament is a form of the implementation of democracy.

On this occasion, Norlén also conveyed verbally to the Indonesian Ambassador an invitation to the Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament to visit Stockholm, under conditions of global health, in order to forge closer parliamentary relations.

Kamapradipta and Norlén also discussed developments in the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in their respective countries. Both agreed that cooperation in the health and economic sectors is very important in the midst of a world situation full of uncertainty.


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