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Jokowi Claims Indonesia Can Control Two Crises


JAKARTA¬† – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that Indonesia will experience various ordeals when entering 2021. Jokowi’s opinion was conveyed by Jokowi when he gave a virtual speech at the opening of the Complete Workers Council for the Fellowship of Churches in Indonesia (MPL- PGI) in Jakarta, Monday (25/1).

“Throughout 2020 and entering 2021, we face several tests, some very tough trials, the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world of 215 countries and Indonesia has resulted in a health crisis and an economic crisis,”

Jokowi said. can control these two crises well.

“However, the problem has not been completely resolved. The pandemic is still ongoing and we are still alert and alert. A few days ago, South Kalimantan was hit by floods that hit several districts and cities, landslides in Sumedang. The Sriwijaya Air accident, and also an earthquake in West Sulawesi. in Mamuju and Majene, “said Jokowi.

Jokowi said that the government and society must work hard to reduce disaster risks and always be prepared to face them. He also expressed his highest appreciation and appreciation to the PGI family at all levels.

“(Because) it has helped ease the burden on our brothers and sisters who are affected by the pandemic and disaster, as well as moving together with other elements of the nation,” said the former governor of DKI.

Jokowi delivered three messages to members of the MPL-PGI session. First, related to the Covid-19 vaccination which was injected into 181.5 million Indonesians before 2021. He said Indonesia had ordered 426 million doses of vaccine from four different companies and countries.

“We have prepared 30 thousand vaccinators, 10 thousand health centers, and 3,000 hospitals that will support vaccination. I invite all Christians and PGI ranks to work together to help the government make this vaccination program a success,” said Jokowi.

PGI is expected to participate in educating the public. Providing correct information that vaccination will be a way to recover and rise from the pandemic. While still applying health protocols.

“Second, with regard to the national economic recovery, the government continues to strive for acceleration and economic revival. The government has prepared a budget of Rp. 372.3 trillion to boost people’s purchasing power and consumption and accelerate national economic recovery,” Jokowi said.


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