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Sri Mulyani’s Hopes for the New US President Joe Biden

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

JAKARTA – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani hopes that the president-elect of the United States (US) Joe Biden can accelerate the economic recovery global. Especially when the world is still facing uncertainty when the spread of the coronavirus is still endemic in many countries.

“The United States has a new president. This is hope for recovery for the world economy, in addition to China’s economic recovery. Although it is still below three percent,” he said in a virtual discussion on Thursday (21/1).

On Wednesday (20/1) local time, Joe Biden and his vice president. Kamala Harris was sworn in simply on the lawn of the Capitol Building, Washington DC.

Through a change in leadership in this superpower country. Sri Mulyani hopes that the global economic recovery will also help improve the Indonesian economy. The trade balance is no exception. Which has improved in line with the recovery in global purchasing power of several Indonesian trading partners in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Joe Biden is Expect to Recover the World Economy

From an internal point of view, Sri Mulyani said that hope for recovery is still high this year. This belief is reflect in the encouragement of state spending to provide social assistance to affected communities and businesses.

The economic recovery is also support by vaccinations which are now taking place in many countries, including Indonesia. Therefore, Sri Mulyani said, Indonesia entered this year with high optimism after experiencing a deep shock last year. When the Covid-19 pandemic first occurred.

“We have passed an extraordinary 2020 and Indonesia, thank God, is relatively good. Our economic growth is better than the G20 and ASEAN, except for several countries,” said the former World Bank managing director.

However, Sri Mulyani said that the implementation of the 2021 State Budget will still face uncertainty throughout 2020. This is because, at the beginning of the year, cases of the spread of the corona virus were still high in many areas.

“We need to restore the existence of Covid management even though we carry out vaccinations, we must maintain health discipline,” he said.


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