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Sri Mulyani Asks for Fixed Road Infrastructure Development

Sri Mulyani
Sri Mulyani 

JAKARTA – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati has asked the government to continue to carry out various infrastructure development programs amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The development starts from education to health.

“In the atmosphere of Covid-19, we have not forgotten development activities. We remain hopeful even in an atmosphere Covid-19 running the development program. “he said in Financing Policy Forum Infrastructure Project Through SBSN the Year 2021 in Jakarta, Wednesday (20/1).

Sri Mulyani said that infrastructure development in the health sector has become very vital in the midst of a pandemic. Considering that it functions in dealing with this health crisis.

“In the health sector, it is clear that many are not only handling in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. But also upgrading hospitals,” he said.

Sri Mulyani Continues to Work to Develop Financing Instruments.

Therefore, to be able to support the development process in a pandemic atmosphere. The government must continue to strive to create and develop creative financing instruments. Sri Mulyani said that one of the creative financing instruments was the State Sharia Securities (SBSN). Which has been implementing since 2013.

He said the number of ministries/agencies (K / L) that joined using SBSN was increasing, namely from one K / L in 2013 increasing. to eight K / Ls in 2020 and 11 K / Ls in 2021. “The cumulative value of the financing reaches Rp 145.84 trillion,” he said.

Not only that, according to Sri Mulyani, the use of SBSN to finance infrastructure projects is also an effort to improve economic development and sharia instruments in Indonesia. “Regarding SBSN which is link to the project, very close collaboration with ministries/agencies is extremely important,” he said.

He emphasized that the performance and quality of projects financed by SBSN must be of high quality considering that this project is financed by debt, while the government must also continue to maintain Indonesia’s debt. “The performance and quality of the project must be good because it is financed by an instrument containing sharia elements, of course, we have more moral obligations to maintain it,” he said.



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