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Who Said WhatsApp Free? This Said Kaspersky

Whatsapp Social Media
Whatsapp Social Media

Kaspersky Senior Researcher, Anna Larkina exposed the fact that no service is completely free of charge. He considered that the general public might think WhatsApp is a free instant messaging service. However, the business model for such a free service would be to pay for the user’s personal data.

“Social media, several instant messaging applications, and search engines. They all make money from advertising. The more personalized it is, the better,” he said, Thursday, January 14, 2021.

In fact, Facebook and other similar companies have been using personal data for users. recent years. But most companies, including Facebook, ostensibly to be transparent about their policies.

Then, WhatsApp claims not to read user conversations because it includes end-to-end encryption, and only searches for technical information and user accounts.

Going forward, the integration between Facebook and WhatsApp will continue to increase. Users need to decide what level of information sharing they want and which instant messaging app they prefer, “said Anna.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky Mobile Threat Researcher, Victor Chebyshev, advises users not to download instant messaging apps that are sourced from other parties. third.

“Only from the official app store. Read carefully the user agreement. There are situations when application developers openly remind themselves that they can arbitrarily share user data with third parties, “he explained.

Then, do not follow suspicious links from messages. Use security solutions if

previously the platform WhatsApp instant messaging was in the spotlight because it notified users if they were will change the privacy policy. For anyone who does not agree to these rules, WhatsApp does not hesitate to delete user accounts.

The application that can be an alternative messaging other than Whatsapp


Line is a popular messaging medium because of its stickers. This App itself experienced a golden period in Indonesia in the previous year. The company report notes that there are around 38 million monthly active users (MAU) in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, this number continued to decline to 13 million MAU in the third quarter of 2020. Indonesia itself is part of the key market for Line along with Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Japan is still MAU’s big contributor to this social media. Line has fairly well-known popularity in Indonesia, and it has been a long time since Line has been a messaging service used by Indonesians both as an alternative and a mainstay.


Signal itself is not a familiar name in Indonesian ears. This is a messaging application created by WhatsApp founder Brian Acton.

What makes Signal different from WhatsApp is the purpose of the application itself. Acton and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg argued over the future of WhatsApp which resulted in Acton leaving Facebook in 2017.

A year later Acton founded Signal, which coincided with the scandal Cambridge Analytics that hit Facebook.

Signal has only been heard in the last few weeks because Tesla CEO Elon Musk is supporting people to use Signal. Musk suggested this after WhatsApp updated their privacy policy which forced users to agree if they still wanted to use the service.

Besides Musk, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also suggested the same thing.

Signal has an uncomplicated interface, and features such as automatic message destruction, and screen security that makes it impossible for the user or the other person to take screenshots.



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