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Left WhatsApp? These 3 applications are suitable for the messaging

Whatsapp Social Media
Whatsapp Social Media

WhatsApp is undeniably an application, which the application most widely used for online messaging and telephone services to date. Hootsuite / We Are Social data shows that WhatsApp’s monthly active users (MAU) alone total up to 2 billion.

Now, WhatsApp is again plagued by problems regarding the protection of its users’ personal data. After the end of 2019, WhatsApp had to fight with the NSO Group and its Pegasus software. Which made its users question the security of messaging under Facebook. Inc, now new rules that seem to be force on users are becoming a new scourge like this most popular messaging application.

The new rules that make users have to agree to the sharing of WhatsApp user data with its parent, namely Facebook, triggered rejection from many parties. Moreover, the emphasis of this rule makes users only able to continue to use the WhatsApp service in full if the user agrees to this new rule.

With many who disagree, echo to replace WhatsApp on social media. This rule is accus of being a strong trigger for a movement to replace WhatsApp.

We suggest an application that can be an alternative to messaging other than Whatsapp


Telegram is one of WhatsApp’s strong competitors. Hootsuite data states that Telegram has at least 400 million monthly active users (MAU) recorded in October 2020.

Telegram is famous for its user data confidentiality. In 2017 Telegram had an unpleasant history with the Indonesian government.

The telegram was once blocked on the grounds that there are many channels with content that are not in accordance with Indonesian regulations. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov at that time admit he was surprise because he never received a request or protest from the Indonesian government.

The blocking of Telegram has received sympathy from Indonesian netizens who feel Telegram has a positive side.

Telegram can be another alternative in messaging. Telegram has an uncomplicated user interface, as well as a deep contact search feature based on geographic location.


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