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Menkominfo: Choose Social Media that Guarantee Data Protection

Whatsapp Social Media
Whatsapp Social Media

JAKARTA – The Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G Plate, asked the public to be more vigilant and wiser in determining social media choices. According to Johnny, currently, there are various social media platforms available.

However, not all platforms guarantee personal data protection. “Choose those who are able to provide optimal protection of personal data and privacy,” said Johnny in a written statement, Monday (11/1).

Johnny emphasizes the guarantee of personal data protection from important platforms so that people can avoid adverse impacts. Either in the form of misuse or use of personal data that is not in accordance with the rules.

Therefore, he hopes that the public always reads the privacy policy and terms and conditions document before using a service and gives consent to the use of personal data.

“The public should be more careful in using the various services available online,” said Johnny.

Johnny Responds Regarding Changes to Social Media Policy

Johnny’s statement was delivered in response to changes in the privacy policy of application users WhatsApp and Facebook Recently. Johnny said the Ministry of Communication and Information had a meeting with representatives of WhatsApp / Facebook Asia Pacific Region. Regarding the update of the platform’s privacy policy.

“Today, Monday, January 11, 2021. As a follow-up to the meeting, the Ministry of Communication and Information emphasizes that WhatsApp / Facebook and related parties do several things,” he said.

Johnny said, first, the Ministry of Communication and Information encouraged WhatsApp / Facebook Asia Pacific Region. To answer and provide an explanation to the Indonesian public regarding the growing concerns regarding the purpose. And basis of the interests of processing personal data. As well as the mechanisms available for users to exercise their rights. Including the right to withdraw consent and other rights. Which are guarantee by applicable laws and regulations and other matters of public concern.

“Delivered in a complete, transparent, clear, easy to understand and accessible to the public regarding the update of the Whatsapp privacy policy, especially regarding the community’s concerns,” said Johnny.

Second, the Ministry of Communication and Information encourages WhatsApp / Facebook Asia Pacific Region. To improve compliance with legal provisions and laws and regulations. Especially those that regulate the protection of personal data in Indonesia.

Among other things, carrying out processing of personal data in accordance with applicable principles, providing consent forms for processing personal data in Indonesian, registering electronic systems, ensuring fulfillment of the rights of personal data owners; and obligations based on other provisions as regulated in the prevailing laws and regulations.


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