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Maintaining the Quality of Vaccine, Bio Farma Uses SMDV Technology

covid 19 vaccine
Covid 19 vaccine

BANDUNG – The parent holding company of Pharmaceutical SOEs. Took the initiative to create a Vaccine Distribution Management System (SMDV) which was officially launch on Sunday January 3, 2021. Support for the use of technology is need considering the massive Covid-19 vaccination program.

Director of Bio Farma, Honesti Basyir, said technology support was very important. Moreover, Indonesia needs 426 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine for around 181.5 million people.

This Go Live SMDV event, was also attend by partners for making the Go Live SMDV system. Including PT Telkom Indonesia, Telkom Sigma, Easy GO and Marchesini Group Indonesia.

Honesti assess that to distribute this many vaccines, technology is needed that can maintain the quality of the vaccines. Do not let a good product have problems during distribution and even damage the vaccine.

“Therefore, technology is need to support distribution,” Honesti said in a press release, Tuesday (5/1).

Director of Bio Farma Explains the Use of SMDV for Vaccine Distribution

Director of Digital HealthCare Bio Farma, Soleh Ayubi said, in the process distribution of the Covid-19, Bio Farma will use an integrated SMDV gradually with other systems inside and outside the BUMN Pharmacy Holding.

This includes, he said, a Command Center equipped with an dashboard Internet of Things (IoT), to monitor all conditions that occur on the way. Includes live temperature limits, location, speed and other emergency conditions. Also tracking dashboard vaccine to monitor movement.

“The application of SMDV is the first system in the world to be apply to the Covid-19 vaccine,” said Soleh.

This system, he said, would monitor the position of the vaccine transport mode and the temperature of the vaccine which was continuous update every five minutes and would be report to the Command Center at the BUMN Pharmacy Holding.

In the future, SMDV can be apply to products or other pharmaceutical products. “So that in the future there will be no news about fake vaccines or pharmaceutical products that are not register but are on the market,” said Soleh.


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