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Hugaf Supports UMKM to Revive in the Pandemic Era

Indonesian exports decreased during the coronavirus pandemic
Indonesian exports decreased during the coronavirus pandemic

JAKARTA – Towards the end of the year, the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing in Indonesia. Apart from the health crisis, Covid-19 also led this country to an economic recession which resulted in many business actors experiencing losses.

The government has made various efforts to save the economy, where Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) are the priority. As is known, more than 99 percent of businesses in Indonesia come from UMKM. At present, UMKM are challenged to withstand various pressures and adapt to all conditions including uncertainty regarding the duration of the pandemic.

UMKM is also expect to be able to make this crisis a place to forge themselves. One of them is by increasing business knowledge so that it can survive a pandemic.

In the midst of a pandemic, UMKM, especially those still engaged in conventional lines. Need to immediately digitize each stage of the business. According to the 2019-2020 APJII Internet Survey Report (Q2), online shopping is the biggest reason why Indonesians use the internet.

As many as 43.2 percent of Indonesians look for food products when shopping online, 25 percent look for fashion and beauty products, and 6.5 percent for household products.

Pandemic Has Presented a New Style of Shopping

“This is an opportunity for UMKM that previously moved conventionally to start marketing their products on the internet,” said the founder and CEO of Hugaf.com, Dimas Nur Panca, in a press release, Monday (28/12).

Several channels that can be used by UMKM to market their business are marketplaces and social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Both have become a trend since the last few years.

Dimas also added that in order to survive and compete in the digital era. UMKM activists also need other marketing strategies. Apart from utilizing the marketplace and social media, UMKM should start strengthening their marketing strategies by having their websites own.

Compared to marketplaces and social media, websites can help UMKM increase business credibility. Consumers can easily remember the brand or business name or website domain so the potential for consumers to shop back is higher.

Not only that, complete control lies with the website owner. Where business actors can create content or promotions in any form as needed. “A lot of product information can be display if you have your own website. There are many tools that you can use too,” said Emir Aprian as Co-Founder of Hugaf.com.

Having your own website certainly requires a number of costs. While the pandemic has encouraged businesses to be wiser in managing their business finances. “Hugaf wants to move with the government to ease the impact of the pandemic now felt by UMKM. Of course, by providing the best service and prices that can be adjust according to needs,” said Emir.


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