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BPH Migas Appoints Bakrie Brothers to Build Cisem Pipes

Bakrie Brothers
Bakrie Brothers

JAKARTA – BPH Migas admits that it has finished conducting a study on the Cirebon Semarang (Cisem) project which was delayed yesterday. From the results of the study, BPH Migas decided to hand over the project to PT Bakrie and Brothers as the second winner of the project.

The Head of BPH Migas, Fanshurullah Asa. Explained that the committee BPH Migas agreed on the option of giving opportunities. To the second or third auction winner in accordance with the current BPH Migas Regulation. Furthermore, BPH Migas can carry out a re-auction option or an assignment option in accordance with Article 46 paragraph (3) of Law No. 22 of 2001 concerning Oil and Gas and its implementing laws and regulations. In the event that an assignment is carry out by the Minister of EMR, it is necessary to consider the Regulatory Body (BPH Migas). In accordance with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 04 of 2018 concerning Natural Gas Business in the downstream oil and gas business activities.

“Bakrie and Brothers as the second winning bidder have submitted a statement of interest in the Cisem project written. Based on a letter from the BNBR Board of Directors dated November 13, 2020. PT BNBR also requests that it be proces according to applicable regulations while still considering the current conditions. That support the economy and feasibility of the pipeline project. cisem, “said Ifan, Saturday (19/12).

Bakrie Brothers Willing to Provide Implementation Guarantee

Ifan also said that the company expressed its commitment to continue the construction of the Cisem pipe. According to the provisions and specifications stated in the bid document at the time of the auction. According to the PT BNBR letter dated December 3, 2020. BNBR has also stated that it is willing to provide an Implementation Guarantee within seven working days. From PT BNBR determined by BPH Migas as a candidate for the auction winner.

PT BNBR requested that an Implementation Guarantee of 0.2 percent of the investment value refers to the bid document at auction in 2006. PT BNBR has also attached a Bank reference from one of the national banks.

This is so that the winning bidder business entity that initially stated. And then later declared its resignation like PT Rekayasa Industri. Had previously stated that it was capable of carrying out the construction in writing and subsequently carried out groundbreaking. But seven months later declared its resignation, “said Ifan.

The option was also chosen to take into account the time frame that is faster than the other options. The re-auction by BPH Migas and assignments to SOEs must be carried out based on a re-evaluation of technical and economic aspects which must then be assigned to RIJTDGBN so that it will take a long time to prepare.

“If the re-evaluation is with a re-design of the technical aspects of the pipeline, it is closely related to the availability of gas supply allocations as well as the temporary business permits needed to carry out the construction,” said Ifan.


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