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Pelni Ready to Distribute Covid-19 Vaccines

covid 19 vaccine
Covid 19 vaccine

JAKARTA – PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) or Pelni is ready to support the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. Pelni President Director Insan Purwarisya L Tobing hopes that the government can involve Pelni in distributing the Covid-19 vaccine throughout the archipelago.

“Apart from the wide range of routes, Pelni ships are the largest ship operators in Indonesia. That carry out the maritime highway program. Where their main role is to distribute the main needs of the community in areas with limited access,” said Insan in his written statement, Monday (21/12). ).

If given the opportunity by the government, Insan is sure that the distribution of vaccines. Using the Pelni vessel can be carried out immediately. To ensure the readiness of ships, he emphasized. It would be bad luck if the government wanted to see the ships’ readiness firsthand.

Covid-19 Vaccines is Ready

“Whenever we are ready to assist the government in seeing the procedure for transporting goods on the Pelni ship. Both passenger ships and cargo ships,” said Insan.

Insan said, Pelni operates 26 passenger ships, four cargo ships, eight sea toll ships, 45 pioneer ship routes, and 20 rede ships with ship routes entering big cities and underdeveloped, remote, outermost, and border areas, Insan said the Pelni ship to take the role of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, Director of the Pelni Sea Freight and Freight Transport Business, Masrul Khalimi. Also said that the cargo that the Pelni ships can carry is divided into frozen and non-frozen cargo. Masrul said that the frozen cargo included frozen chicken, meat, fishery products, medicines and ice cream.

The provisions for commodities carried by Pelni ships. Are also in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 53 of 2020. Concerning the Determination of Types of Goods Transported in the Public Service Obligation Implementation Program. For the Transportation of Goods from and to Remote, Disadvantaged, Outermost and Border Areas.

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