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Indonesia Exports in November 2020 Print Records for the Last Two Years

JICT Indonesia
JICT Indonesia

JAKARTA – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) stated that the rate of Indonesia exports during November 2020 reached US $ 15.28 billion. Head of BPS, Suhariyanto, this figure is the highest since the beginning of this year.

“In fact, if we go backward again, this export is the highest since October 2018. At that time, exports were 15.91 billion US dollars,” Suhariyanto said in a press conference, Tuesday (15/12).

He said the performance of exports of non-oil and gas goods supported the soaring value. In general, the mainstay of export commodities from Indonesia experienced an increase in prices. For example, kernel oil, palm oil, zinc, aluminum, coal, rubber and copper.

We consider the increase in demand to have contributed to increasing Indonesia’s exports. Therefore, Suhariyanto said, the high national export figure in November 2020 was not due to seasonal factors.

“Demand from the main destination countries is increasing and of course there is an increase in prices,” he said.

Non-Oil and Gas Commodities Become Indonesia Highest Export Sector

In more detail, the highest non-oil and gas exports were vegetable fats and oils valued at US $ 2.35 million. Exports of this commodity rose 23.62 percent. The second largest export was mineral fuels valued at US $ 1.5 million with a value of 21.73 percent. The third position was iron and steel valued at US $ 1.27 million, up 19.72 percent from the previous month.

In addition, non-oil and gas commodities that also boost Indonesia’s exports are electrical machinery and equipment, precious metals and jewelry, rubber and rubber goods, mechanical machinery and equipment, paper and cardboard, slag ore and metal ash, and copper and copper goods.

“During January-November 2020, exports of the 10 categories of goods contributed 55.53 percent to the total non-oil and gas exports,” he said.

Meanwhile, he continued, the 10 categories of goods grew 1.2 percent of their export rate compared to the same period last year.

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