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Jokowi: UMKM Products Must Host in Their Own Country


JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) encourages Indonesian UMKM products to be able to host in their own country. He also asked for various kinds of domestic products in order to flood various marketplaces with competitive quality.

Especially during the current pandemic, he said online trade transactions had actually increased significantly. Jokowi also asked that online trade will dominated by locally made products.

“Don’t let trade online be dominated by the purchase of imported products. Don’t let the existing marketplace be used more by global creative industry players, ”said Jokowi during his remarks at Indonesia Made Proud Award 2020through the channel Youtube Presidential Secretariat.

Jokowi Explains the Main Key to Increasing Domestic Product Transactions

Jokowi said the main key to increasing domestic product transactions was by loving. And using products made by the nation’s children. He also said that this method would help reduce the current account deficit and encourage the national creative industry to develop rapidly.

“This will have a huge impact on the Indonesian economy,” he added.

He explained that a long supply chain would open up derivative industries in the UMKM sector. So that they could open up wider new job opportunities and contribute to the acceleration of national economic recovery.

Therefore, on this occasion the President also encouraged the Indonesian people to develop a proud Indonesian-made movement. However, he warned, this movement must also be accompanied by a movement to improve quality and competitiveness.

“The two movements must carried out together through the development of an ecosystem and a sense of self-confidence as a great nation that loves its country,” he said.

In addition, he also promised that the government would continue to improve the business system for creative industry players and create more opportunities for domestic industries to develop.


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