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Early 2021, OJK Launches Consumer Protection Application


JAKARTA – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) will launch the Consumer Protection Portal Application (APPK) in early 2021. We intend this application to optimize consumer protection efforts or customers in the financial services sector under the supervision of OJK.

“Starting January 1, 2021, services for complaints and consumer dispute resolution in the financial services sector. They can carried out in an integrated manner through the Consumer Protection Portal Application or APPK. With strong protection, hoped that consumer confidence will increase and strengthen the stability of the financial system in Indonesia,” based on the written statement of the OJK, Wednesday (2/12).

Various features have been made in the application made by OJK

As an integrated consumer protection portal application, it equips APPK with features that make monitoring services easier.

“Includes alerts and notifications, dashboards and report preparation, ticket numbers to facilitate service monitoring As well as access to educational content and information related to consumer protection,” he said.

The benefits of launching the Consumer Protection Portal Application are for four segments, namely consumers, business actors, institutions. Alternative Dispute Resolution (LAPS), and OJK. From the consumer side, APPK can facilitate the submission of complaints and monitor the handling of PUJK online. Facilitate communication with PUJK, and forward the dispute to LAPS.

“Then, business actors can receive complaint information and communication with consumers. Facilitate the delivery of follow-up information, and obtain information for product/service improvements,” he said.

Furthermore, the benefits for LAPS, make it easier to accept consumer dispute resolution requests. make it easier to get compliant documents and deliver follow-up handling of disputes to consumers. As for OJK, this application can simplify monitoring of the PUJK complaint handling process and dispute resolution. Obtain information on complaints with indications of violations, and serve as a basis for improving provisions and supervision.

For information, we can already use APPK features FSA from 1 January 2021 at

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