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Sri Mulyani Emphasizes Paying Taxes to Safeguard the State

Sri Mulyani
Sri Mulyani

JAKARTA – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati emphasized that all taxes that must be paid by the public are an effort to keep the country able to withstand various pressures including the Covid-19 pandemic. The taxes collected are used to realize various aspects the community can enjoy that, from infrastructure to quality education.

“Why do we pay taxes? That is to protect Indonesia, to return to society. Why do we buy drinks with taxes or do parents pay taxes? “It’s not because the state makes it difficult for parents. But the money that we raised so that Indonesia can run again”. She said at the Ministry of Finance’s online event in Jakarta, Monday (30/11).

She said that they aimed at the development of infrastructure that was being intensified by the government. At making all activities run smoothly, especially since Indonesia is an archipelagic country so connectivity is important.

Until 2018 there has been the realization of various infrastructure developments with details of 3,432 kilometers of roads, 947 kilometers of toll roads, 39.8 kilometers of bridges, and 134 units of suspension bridges.

Then the 759.59-kilometer train line, 413.6 kilometers of KAI rehabilitation, Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Sumatra, Jakarta and Jabodetabek, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), 10 new airports, and the development of 408 airports in vulnerable areas. disaster. Furthermore, the construction of an air bridge to lower the price of basic necessities in the 3T area, 19 ports, and eight ports, which are still in the process of being completed.

Sri Mulyani Says Current Infrastructure Is a State Priority

Meanwhile, improving the quality of education is carried out by developing telecommunications infrastructure. Because in a pandemic situation now activities must take place online. He detailed the map for the construction of the Palapa Ring fiber-optic network. Which sent out 2,275 kilometers for western Indonesia, 2,995 kilometers for the central part, and 6,978 kilometers for the eastern part.

“How to make you smart kids. Because of Covid-19, we have to stay at home but you still have to learn so we use information technology. This is all funded by the state, “he said.

Sri Mulyani said that the government helped improve the quality of human resources through improved health services. Such as intensifying vaccines so that Indonesian children became strong and resistant to disease.

“So that you can become bigger people, smarter than your parents, smarter than the current generation so that Indonesia will be more advanced,” he said.

Not only that, but the government is also helping the community in dealing with the impact of the pandemic. Using state money, namely through the national economic recovery program (PEN). The PEN program covers the health sector Rp. 97.26 trillion, social protection Rp. 234.33 trillion, sectoral K / L and local government Rp. 65.97 trillion, encouragement for MSMEs Rp. 114.81 trillion, corporate financing Rp. 62.22 trillion, and incentives. business Rp. 120.6 trillion.

“These are all tasks to use the APBN properly. This APBN is our money, so the name is the money of the Indonesian people so we must account it for, “she said.

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