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UMKM Must Be Creative During the Pandemic

The Minister Of Cooperatives And Umkm
The Minister Of Cooperatives And UMKM

JAKARTA – The Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) stated that business people must be patient, resilient, and creative during a pandemic. They also have to be able to diversify their business, so that if one business dies, they can move to other businesses.

“Creativity must not die. That is the message of the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs that we must remember and hold”. Said the Secretary of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Prof. Rully Indrawan. When opening the West Java Youth Creative Industry Week 2020 with the theme ‘Expo and Awarding of Creative Industry Product Innovations. West Java Youth ‘in Bandung, Monday (23/11).

On that occasion, he also reminded again, the current condition of the Indonesian economy is experiencing a difficult period. Even when compared to the crisis that occurred in previous years, this time Indonesia is arguably even worse.

“The contraction in economic growth, which is below 5 percent, makes us sad. Because negative means that unemployment has increased. This happened because of strict policies related to the increase in Covid-19 cases. Such as the implementation of PSBB in a number of regions,” said Prof. Rully.

So through the holding of the industrial fair it is hoped that it can be an inspiration for all parties. Especially for creative industry players.

UMKM Can Resurrect Indonesia’s Economy

The Minister Of Cooperatives And Umkm
The Minister Of Cooperatives And UMKM

“We are all trying to revive Indonesia’s economy which is currently in decline. However, West Java youths never stop innovating to create increasingly extraordinary works or products,” he said.

Even in this condition, he said, creativity could not be limited to being able to create new products that were better and of higher selling value. Regarding the government’s commitment during the pandemic, Prof. Rully said that the government is providing economic stimulus. Not only pouring out money but also implementing policies that make doing business easier, the bureaucracy is now a solution not difficult.

The ease of business licensing, he said, must be utilized optimally by creative industry players and MSME players. Even in difficult times like now.

He also explained that during a pandemic, business actors began to switch from conventional to digitalization or to go online. That way it can open the way to a wider market.

“I am sure, after going through this pandemic, the creative industry and UMKM will be more advanced. At the same time, they can become the motor of driving the Indonesian economy towards a Gold Economy in 2045,” he said. He is optimistic that through the participation of all communities, associations, and institutions, and the government, the future of the Indonesian economy will be even better.

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