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CIPS: The Election Of Joe Biden Encourages Global Economic Recovery

Joe Biden Talk With Indonesian President Mr Jokowi
Joe Biden Talk With Indonesian President Mr Jokowi

JAKARTA – Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) assesses that the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from the Democratic Party as President and Vice President of the United States will contribute to efforts to recover the global economy.

researcher CIPS Pingkan Audrine Kosijungan in a release in Jakarta on Monday said that the optimism was based on the two economic programs that tend to be open to international cooperation.

“This will also bring benefits to Indonesia,” he said.

In addition, he continued, the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States also gave hope to the trade war situation with China.

According to him,Biden’s thought to be different from President Trump’s. The United States under Biden’s leadership made it possible to pursue more diplomacy in dealing with the trade war.

However, according to Pingkan, there are a number of things that deserve the attention of the Indonesian Government related to Biden’s foreign policy. Which can be anticipated for some time in the future.

During the campaign period. He said, Biden echoed economic recovery programs based on the spirit of local products and the development of the domestic manufacturing industry.

Joe Biden Will Campaign to Buy American

“They mark this by the Buy American program which is targeted to generate revenues of 400 billion US dollars in the first year of his leadership. They used to drive the domestic economy and encourage investment in the clean energy sector,” he said.

US government spending. Biden will focus on domestic products and tightening the application of local ingredients to products labeled Made in America

“Thus, Indonesia can focus on targeting the US market through exports for non-manufactured products. Another potential that can be developed also lies in the electric car industry that is currently being developed by Indonesia. Seeing Ambitious targets, Biden’s to make the United States a global exporter of manufactured products. Environmentally friendly, establishing cooperation in this area is an opportunity, “said Pingkan.

Benefits That Indonesia Can Take

Apart from that, Indonesia also needs to ensure that the extension of the generalized system of preference (GSP). They can still used according to this status update some time ago when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Indonesia.

This is important to continue to develop considering that not all countries get this GSP facility. And only countries that have submitted and approved by the United States Government can receive it.

“The benefits obtained from this GSP status extension for Indonesia are the release of import duties for Indonesian export products to the US market. Which currently numbers around 800 commodities,” he explained.

Seeing Policy priorities Biden’s which focus on environmental and sustainability aspects. It is also important for Indonesia to participate in developing products. That pay attention to these two aspects in order to increase competitiveness when exported to the United States. While at the same time fostering sustainable relations with the new US Government later.

Pingkan also said that with the election of Biden. The Indonesian government could also explore further in collaborating with the US role in handling COVID-19.

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