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Trump And Biden, Whic One Will Benefit Indonesia?

Trump Vs Biden
Trump Vs Biden

Jakarta: The certainty of the winner of the US presidential election. Whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump is returning to continue his leadership is being awaited by businessmen Indonesian. Both have plus and minus effects on the economy in the country.

“We cannot say that the Trump administration or Biden. The president of the Democratic or Republican Party is better or worse for Indonesia and Indonesian business actors.” Shinta told, Thursday, November 5, 2020.

According to Shinta. The direction of state policy in The US will remain the same to solidify its position as a superpower. However, the two candidates have different styles in coming up with policies that often affect the global economy. So it is necessary to anticipate them in order to continue to provide benefits for Indonesia.

“The style is different and the effect of the policy is also different. So that we need to be more flexible in adjusting ourselves. Both through the attractiveness of the domestic business and investment climate as well as through lobbying. So that the benefits of the US President’s policies remain with Indonesia,” he explained.

Differences In Leadership Style Of Trump And Biden

Trumps And Biden Style
Trumps And Biden Style

President Trump’s leadership style, said Shinta, has had a positive impact so far, especially in terms of bilateral agreements. This momentum can be used by Indonesia as a US trade partner to create new, faster agreements.

“This provides an opportunity for Indonesia to lobby and create bilateral trade or investment deals that we could hardly have created if the President was not Trump.

On the other hand, Trump is also the type of President who moves based on his own sentiments and tends to be punitive towards a country he does not like. Creating uncertainty for the country’s business actors. Indonesia has affected. Such as conducting a partnership review twice regarding market access to maintain the Generalize System of Preference (GSP).

“Because of Trump’s policy too, the Dispute Settlement mechanism in the WTO (appellate body) is not functioning so it is difficult for the cases we want to win through the WTO to have fast progress,” he said.

Shinta continued, the election of Biden as the winner of the US Presidential Election also had a negative impact. Especially the emphasis on the fair trade of the Democratic Party candidate. The cases of trade remedies carried out by the US bilaterally or multilaterally against Indonesia are likely to increase.

“This could threaten or even kill the national flagship export if we lose. For example, Indonesia’s defeat is related to the dispute over Indonesia’s horticultural import policy that the US protested at the WTO, or the US anti-dumping and anti-subsidies decision on Indonesian biofuels which makes us no longer competitive to export. biofuels to the US from 2-3 years ago, “he concluded.

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