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Omnibus Law Becomes A Scenario To Save Indonesia’s Economy From A Crisis

Special Staff of the Minister of Finance Yustinus Prastowo assessed that the Draft on Omnibus Law Job Creation is the policy most likely to be taken by the government to overcome the economic crisis in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). According to him, the regulatory plan is not the best choice. However, the Job Creation Bill is the most rational option to respond to current conditions.

“Omnibus Law In our opinion, is the most likely strategy at this time, not the ideal one. Maybe it is not the best policy, maybe not the second best, but it is the most likely to be taken right now to answer objective needs,” he said in a teleconference session, Tuesday (14/7/2020).

“That there are definite shortcomings. But whether this is all bad or not. So I believe there are good things,” Yustinus emphasized.

On the other hand, Yustinus also regretted the lack of sensitivity of the community regarding the initiation of the Bill Creation Omnibus Law Work. He considered that the issue was only understood by a group of parties. “This means that it is still a discourse at the elite level, only in elite groups, office workers. The government and the DPR must carry out educational literacy,” he added.

In fact, he stated, the construction of the Job Creation Bill offered many breakthroughs in terms of business permits. “What is clear is that legal certainty is strengthened, licensing is now made easier, risk based assessment is now. This is very helpful for MSME players,” he said.

“In the Job Creation Bill, not everything needs a permit, it is quite a risky sector. They just tell me to try, I am in business, register myself, that’s enough,” said Yustinus. The Omnibus Law or known as the Omnibus Bill is a Law (UU) created to revoke, add, and change several laws at once to become simpler.

In fact, Omnibus Law is related to the economic field. However, the Omnibus Law actually poses a threat to society, one of which is an unfair employment system for workers. The word of ‘omnibus’ comes from Latin, which means ‘for all’. This means that the omnibus is cross-sectoral or sweeping the universe.

The Concept of Omnibus Law boils down to countries that adhere to the Common Law System, such as the United States. Meanwhile, Indonesia adheres to a Civil Law System that prioritizes codification of law so that legal provisions can be effective as expected.


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