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Survey: 75% Of People Choose Health Instead Of Economy During The Pandemic

The re-tightening of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) by DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan reaps pros and cons. Some people think this policy will weaken the starting economy. Others think that the PSBB needs to act as a brake so that the number of Covid-19 transmissions can be contained. Then, what about the public opinion itself? In the “National COVID-19 Survey” conducted by the KedaiKOPI Survey Institute (Indonesian Public Opinion and Discussion Group), it was revealed that the public is more concerned with health issues.

This survey was conducted face-to-face with a home visit mechanism on 18 August-6 September 2020, by interviewing 1200 respondents spread across 34 Provinces in Indonesia. Interviews were conducted according to health protocol: wearing masks, maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters, using sanitizers and without physical contact.

As a result, as many as 75.5% of respondents surveyed stated that health is more important than economy, especially in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. The Executive Director of the KedaiKOPI Survey Institute, Kunto Adi Wibowo, said this confirmed the results of the previous survey which was carried out in June 2020.

The survey results stated that 63.4% of respondents also choose health over the economy. “There is an increase in perceptions of the importance of health by 11% in the span of June to September,” he said in a press release, Monday (14/9). The COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on the people’s economy. However, only 27.2% of respondents stated that their income was worse than before the introduction of the new habit. In addition, 47.1% of respondents stated that nothing had changed from their income. In fact, 25.2% stated that their income was even better after the introduction of the new habit.

Kunto added, “Awareness of the importance of health is also directly proportional to the perception of low belief that Indonesians are immune to Covid-19.” Among the respondents surveyed, only 31.8% answered that they believed Indonesians were immune to Covid-19. This number has decreased compared to the survey results last March, when 42.1% of respondents believed Indonesians were immune to the coronavirus. The following is the Databoks for the addition of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia.

Merah Putih Vaccine 

Currently, the Government is encouraging the development of a vaccine for Covid-19. Related to this, Kunto stated “The government’s efforts regarding the manufacture of vaccines for Covid-19 have received positive responses from respondents.” As many as 65.2% stated that they believed the government would find a Covid-19 vaccine. This high confidence also resulted in respondents’ optimism about the local vaccine developed by the government, namely the Red and White Vaccine. “As many as 70.1% feel optimistic about the local vaccine.” In addition, 57.0% of respondents said they wanted to use the vaccine if it was found. Minister of Research and Technology Bambang Brodjonegoro said the vaccine development effort used a recombinant protein platform. Bambang estimates that the new merah putih vaccine can be mass produced at the end of next year. “It is estimated that in the fourth quarter of 2021 we can produce in large quantities,” said Bambang after meeting with President Joko Widodo at the Bogor Presidential Palace, last Wednesday (9/9).

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