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Donald Trump vs Joe Biden, Who is better?

The public of the United States will decide on November 3 whether Donald Trump remains in the White House for another four years or will be replaced by Joe Biden.

Republican President Trump is being challenged by Democrat Joe Biden, best known as vice president Barack Obama but has been in US politics since the 1970s.

Who is superior?

Joe Biden has been ahead of Donald Trump in most national polls since the start of 2020,  said the BBC, Thursday. He has been ahead by about 50% in recent months and has lead by 10 points on several occasions.

National opinion polls are a good guide to how popular a candidate is across the country as a whole, but they are not necessarily a good way to predict election results.

In 2016, for example, Hillary Clinton lead the vote and won nearly three million more votes than Donald Trump, but she still lost – it’s because the US uses an electoral college system, so winning the most votes doesn’t necessarily make a candidate win the election.

As Clinton discovered in 2016, the number of votes won is less important than where he won them.Most states almost always vote the same way, which means that in reality there are only a few states where both candidates have a chance of winning. It is the place where elections will be won or lost and is known as the battleground nation.


Right now, the state polls on the battlefield look good on Joe Biden, but there is still a long way to go and things can change very quickly, especially when Donald Trump is involved.

Polls show Biden ahead in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – the three industrial states his Republican rival won by a margin of less than 1% to win in 2016.

However, the battleground states where Trump won big in 2016 are the most worrying by his campaign team. His winning margins in Iowa, Ohio and Texas were between 8-10% then, but his winning margins look closer to all three at the moment.

But political analysts are less sure about his chances of re-election. 

Media, a political analysis website, said Biden was “favored” to win the election, while The Economist said he was “likely” to beat Trump.


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