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Trump Admits Intentionally Underestimating the Corona Virus

US President Donald Trump admitted, he deliberately underestimated how serious the threat posed by the corona virus was. The news comes from a preview of Rage’s book, which was written by veteran journalist Bob Woodward in an interview on March 19. Based on the book, Trump actually understands that the corona virus is a dangerous disease. It’s even more terrible than the flu.

“it’s a terrible threat. It’s even worse than the flu you’ve been having,” he said on February 7. However, in an interview with Woodward, referring to a book that will be published on September 15, he admitted that he deliberately played down his threat. “Until now I have tried to belittle him. Because I don’t want to cause panic,” said the 74-year-old president. He also revealed how the virus “gets in the air”, although he has repeatedly belittled people wearing masks. Then as quoted by Sky News Wednesday (9/9/2020), the book also revealed that the president was told that Covid-19 could be the “biggest security threat”. Inevitably, the book will put pressure on Trump, who is ambitious to get his second term in the US Presidential Election on November 3.

Political surveys suggest that about two-thirds of the US public are not at all happy with his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. He is also often accused of underestimating the threat posed by the outbreak in order to secure his chances of being re-elected. Speaking to media crews at the White House, he said Woodward’s book was a “political attack on him”. He also defended his decision to downplay the plague, solely to avoid what he called “public madness”. “We have to show calm. I certainly don’t want to bring this country into madness and fear,” Trump said.

Leadership has to be shown and panic is the last thing that comes up,” he continued. He later accused Woodward of “doing a good job” and admitted he would not read it because he had no time. Even so, Rage is clearly going to be ammunition for Democrats to accuse the president of failing to take the attitude necessary to end the outbreak. “He knows himself that the corona virus is dangerous,” said Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate in his campaign in Michigan. Biden accused that his potential rival had lied to the US people. Consciously, the president is said to have deceived the public. “It’s disgusting. Think what he’s done,” Biden explained to CNN, declaring his behavior “almost criminal.”

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