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USA: One killed in clashes erupts in Portland


One person was shot dead last night in the city of Portland while supporters of President Trump clashed with protesters in Oregon.

Images of doctors trying to save a man’s life appear to be white.

Police have not yet released the whereabouts of the shooter, and have not yet commented on whether the shooting was the result of an altercation in the center of the city.


In recent weeks, the city of Portland has been rocked by protests, with protesters protesting the massacre of black American George Floyd in Minneapolis on Friday, May 25, which has sparked outrage in the country and around the world.

President Trump sent troops to the city of Portland on Sunday to say he wanted to end the uprising.

So what happened?


In a statement issued Saturday night, police said they heard gunshots and went to look and found a man with a gunshot wound to the chest.

“The” she told the Associated.


rescue squad wasn’t called for him,PressThe New York Times reported that the slain man was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat that was already in support of Donald Trump.

Another video shows police trying to block a man who appeared to be with the man who was shot.

The shooting comes amid strong clashes between supporters of President Trump and protesters in the Black Lives Matter campaign (black life is effective) in the city.

The clashes erupted when a line of about 600 vehicles carrying thousands of supporters of Donald Trump fluttered flags in the suburbs before reaching downtown Portland.

The newspaper reports that local newspapers reported that there was a foggy atmosphere in the anti-racism protests that were trying to block the vehicles from entering the city and blocking the streets.

Police say there have been “clashes” between “protesters and protesters”, and that some have been suspended.


The controversy erupted just days after the Republican party made public its decision last week to represent Mr. Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

In a statement acknowledging the name, Trump described Portland as another city led by members of the Democratic Party that could be plagued by “unrest, looting and riots.”

The clashes also took place after police opened fire on a black man in Wisconsin.

Jacob Blake was critically injured before being infected with a disability, and was shot dead last week by a police officer for seven weeks as he was entering the car.


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