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Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, the World Automotive Industry Begins to Rise

Workers completed manufacturing an electric car at the Volkswagen Zwickau factory, Germany, some time ago. Photo / Reuters

A glimmer of hope in the automotive world has begun to emerge in the midst of the corona pandemic (Covid-19). The German automotive giant, Volkswagen, restarted operating its largest factory on Monday (4/27/2020) as part of a large-scale industry that is reactivating across Europe at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is still endemic there.

Amid declining infection rates, Germany has indeed relaxed lockdowns, but many companies are still implementing health protocols for their workers. Volkswagen workers were checked for temperature.

Volkswagen Group, under the Skoda, Audi, Bentley, Porsche and Seat brands, is operating factories in Portugal, Spain, Russia, South Africa and the Czech Republic this week. “Especially the production capacity in Wolfsburg will only operate 10-15%, and will reach 40% within one week,” said a member of the VW Board of Directors to Reuters. “The revival of Europe’s largest auto factory after weeks of lockdown has become an important symbol for employees, dealers, suppliers and the economies of Germany and Europe,” he said.

Volkswagen’s steps are also overshadowed by rivals Renault, Peugeot and Fiat Chrysler to revive the industry after a lockdown and a shortage of raw material supplies. Fiat Chrysler has restarted production of the Italian car at its Atessa plant and several operations in Melfi and Turin.

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