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Joe Biden Appoints Kamala Harris to be Vice President

Democratic presidential candidate for the United States (US) Joe Biden appointed Senator Kamala Harris of California to be vice president.

The announcement was made by Biden via his Twitter account. In his tweet, former vice president Barack Obama said he was privileged to work with Harris. He described him as a fearless warrior for the little one, and one of the best US civil servants

He noticed how Harris worked closely with his late son, Beau, when he was the attorney general of California.

“I watched them take over the big banks, raise the working people and protect women and children from abuse,” he tweeted.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appointed Kamala Harris as his running mate. Photo / Nerw York Post

“At that time I was proud, and now I am proud to have him as my partner in this campaign,” he added as quoted.

Biden and Harris will deliver a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, on Wednesday afternoon local time about working together to restore the soul of the nation and fight for working families to advance the country.

Once a rival for the top spot, the Indian-Jamaican-descent California senator has long been considered to be in the leading position for the vice president of the Democratic Party. The former California attorney general has pressed for police reform amid anti-racism protests.

Harris, 55, stepped down from the Democratic Party presidential candidacy in December.

He clashed repeatedly with Biden during the Democratic Party presidential candidate debate, particularly criticizing his praise for the “civilian” working relationship he had with former senators who favor racial segregation.

A woman of color has never been appointed to a presidential ticket by any of America’s two main political parties. No woman has won the US presidency.

Hanya dua perempuan lain yang dinominasikan sebagai calon wakil presiden – Sarah Palin oleh partai Republik pada 2008 dan Geraldine Ferraro oleh Demokrat pada 1984. Namun tidak ada satu pun diantara mereka yang berhasil masuk ke Gedung Putih.

Harris lahir di Oakland, California dari dua orang tua imigran: seorang ibu kelahiran India dan ayah kelahiran Jamaika.

Dia melanjutkan untuk kuliah di Howard University, salah satu perguruan tinggi dan universitas kulit hitam terkemuka dalam sejarah bangsa. Dia menggambarkan waktunya di sana sebagai salah satu pengalaman paling formatif dalam hidupnya.

Setelah empat tahun di Howard, Harris melanjutkan untuk mendapatkan gelar hukumnya di Universitas California, Hastings, dan memulai karirnya di Kantor Kejaksaan Distrik Alameda County.

Dia menjadi jaksa wilayah – jaksa tertinggi – untuk San Francisco pada tahun 2003, sebelum terpilih sebagai wanita pertama dan orang Afro-Amerika pertama yang menjabat sebagai jaksa agung California, pengacara top dan pejabat penegak hukum di negara bagian terpadat di Amerika.

Dalam hampir dua masa jabatannya sebagai jaksa agung, Harris mendapatkan reputasi sebagai salah satu bintang Partai Demokrat yang sedang naik daun, menggunakan momentum ini untuk mendorong pencalonannya sebagai senator junior AS di California pada tahun 2017.

Harris mengatakan dia selalu nyaman dengan identitasnya dan hanya menggambarkan dirinya sebagai “orang Amerika”.

Pada 2019, dia mengatakan kepada Washington Post bahwa politisi tidak boleh masuk ke dalam kompartemen karena warna atau latar belakang mereka.

“What I mean is: I am who I am. I’m fine. You may need to find out, but I am okay with that,” he said.

He launched his presidential candidacy to more than 20,000 people in Oakland early last year.

But the senator failed to articulate clear rationale for his campaign, and provided baffling answers to questions in key policy areas such as health care.

Nor could he take advantage of the high points of his candidacy: debating shows that flaunted his prosecution skills, often putting Biden on the line of attack.

The self-described “progressive prosecutor” tries to emphasize the more left-leaning part of his legacy – requiring the use of body cameras for some special agents in the California Department of Justice, the first state agency to adopt it, and launching a database providing public access to crime statistics , even though he failed to gain traction.

“Kamala is a policeman” was a common phrase in the campaign, undermining his bid to win over a more liberal Democratic base during the primaries. However, those same law enforcement credentials can prove useful in elections when Democrats need to win elections and more moderate voters.

The election of Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate drew reactions from the Trump camp. Trump’s camp calls Harris’s election proof that Biden is an empty shell filled with the extreme agenda of radicals on the left.

“Not long ago, Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and apologized which he never received,” the Trump camp said.

Clearly, Phony Kamala will leave her morals alone, as well as try to bury her record as a prosecutor, to appease the anti-police extremists who control the Democratic Party.

“In his unsuccessful bid to run for president, Kamala Harris is gleefully embracing the radical leftist manifesto, calling for trillions of dollars in new taxes and supporting Bernie Sanders’ takeover of health care,” Trump’s camp said.

Earlier on Tuesday, President Trump said in an interview with Fox Sports Radio that some men may feel “insulted” by Biden’s commitment to choosing a woman as his running mate.

Biden himself promised in March to appoint a woman as his representative.

Susan Rice, the Obama-era White House national security adviser who was also on the vice presidential candidate list, was among the first to congratulate Harris.

“Senator Harris is a resilient leader and pioneer who will be a great partner on the campaign trail,” said the former diplomat.

“I believe Biden-Harris will prove to be the ticket to victory,” he added.

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