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Bunker Until Police Escort, Trump’s Way to Avoid Unrest in the US

President of the United States (US) Donald Trump is known to be the most courageous in expressing his opinion. To the extent that the 45th president of the US did not hesitate to cast harsh criticism on other countries and started a dispute.
However, who would have thought, when facing the anger of his own citizens, Trump was actually quite “cowardly”. This is evident from several incidents that show Trump needs “extra action” from his bodyguards to protect him amid the tense situation in the US.

One such moment occurred a few months ago, when a large anti-racism demonstration took place in front of the White House. At the time of the incident, Trump was hiding in a bunker in the white house.

In addition to that most recently, Trump was evacuated from the crowd and canceled a press conference that was taking place when a shooting took place in front of the presidential office on Monday (10/8/2020).

The following are details of the two events that have attracted the attention of Americans and the world.

The Bunker Boy

The term “The Bunker Boy” stuck with Trump after on Friday (29/5/2020) Trump was evacuated to the bunker by the security forces. At that time Trump was “hidden” from the public as a mass of anti-racism protesters in the US gathered outside the White House and tried to break through.

At the time of the incident, it was not only Trump who was rushed to the bunker, but also First Lady Melania Trump and her son.

As CNN Indonesia reported at the time, the conditions for the demonstration demanding justice for George Floyd’s death were indeed very chaotic. Demonstrators shouted, threw bottles of water and other objects at the ranks of officers, and attempted to break through the fence.

In fact, because of the shoving and clashes, a number of officers guarding the White House were injured.

The demonstrations that took place in the US over the course of several weeks in May were first sparked by the death of Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after being crushed in the neck with the knee by a white police officer. US citizens perceive police action as a human rights violation and demand justice for Floyd.

The term Bunker Boy also went viral in cyberspace. For example, on Twitter, many US citizens use the hashtag #BunkerBoy and write insulting sentences at Trump’s actions.

“#BunkerBoy was so embarrassed that people were taunting him for hiding so he asked the military police to shoot peaceful demonstrators with rubber bullets & tear gas just so he could walk across the street with his white man & his high-profile daughter to take pictures. holding the Bible #DictatorTrump. ” wrote Alison Greene (@GrassrootsSpeak) on June 2, 2020.

“Have a good time #BunkerBoy on the roof of #WhiteHouse while watching his #MilitaryExercise.” said Diane Schulz (@dihicobra) in a post on the same day.

“Today @RealDonaldTrump has proven itself to be an even bigger coward. #BunkerBoy #CowardinChief #CowardTrump,” added Pineapple Titan (@the_devik).

Evacuated During Press Conference

On Monday, just a few minutes from starting a press conference in front of reporters, Trump suddenly had to be evacuated after the White House security officers, the Secret Service, saw the strange sign of someone approaching the White House with a gun in the 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue areas. The officers also had time to shoot each other.

As a result, Trump was escorted out of the location and the conference event was canceled.

According to an AFP report, a security officer was involved in a shooting at the scene and the perpetrator was taken to hospital after being shot by the Secret Service. However, there has been no official statement on who the perpetrator of the shooting was.

Apart from evacuating Trump, some roads around the White House were also immediately closed. A number of police and other official vehicles gathered at the corner of the location.

According to a witness to a protester who has been camping in front of the White House for years, he heard gunfire at around 5:50 pm local time.

After the situation was favorable, Trump returned to the White House meeting room. He explained what had happened.

“Actually, there was a shooting and someone has been taken to hospital. I don’t know the condition of the person,” Trump said as quoted by CNBC International, Tuesday.

“The suspect who was shot,” added Trump. “The shooting took place near the White House fence,”

Trump said he was not surprised by the incident and emphasized that the world is indeed a dangerous place.

“Do I look confused?” he said.

“You look at centuries of history, the world has become a dangerous place, a very dangerous place.”

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